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Unwind & Be Alleviated with our custom blended natural products with CBD for added relaxation.

* Product Color May Vary with Artisanal Soaps, Bath Bombs & Face Masks

Alleviate Kit Includes

  •    1oz Better Days CBD Cream
  •    30ml Tincture MCT Oil, 1500mg CBD Isolate
  •    Gummy Slices, 30 count, Vegan, 50mg CBD per Gummy
  •    50mg CBD, 4oz Artisan Soap, Eucalyptus Spearmint Scent
  •    2 ½” Bath Bomb in Organza Bag, 50mg CBD, Eucalyptus Spearmint Scent


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$340+ FREE S&H

(3 Alleviate Kits – YOU SAVE 10%)


Relax & Be Beautiful with these luxurious products that will have you feeling & looking your best with natural ingredients & light, fresh scents.

* Product Color May Vary with Artisanal Soaps, Bath Bombs & Face Masks


Use Code q12021


$169.00 + FREE S&H

(3 Beauty Kits – YOU SAVE 10%)

Beauty Kit Includes

  •  Face and Decolletage cream with DMAE & MSM, Cucumber Mint Scent, 1oz
  •  Soothing Cucumber Face Mask, 1oz 
  •  Luxury Hemp Oil hand and body lotion, 4 oz, Cucumber Mint Scent
  •  2 ½” Bath Bomb in Organza Bag, Cucumber Mint Scent
  •  4oz Artisan Soap, Cucumber Mint Scent


Refresh & Be Confident with this soothing shave & skin care solution that will have you smelling great, feeling sexy & getting noticed.

* Product Color May Vary with Artisanal Soaps, Bath Bombs & Face Masks

Confidence Kit Includes

   Luxury Hair & Beard Oil, 30ml

   After Shave Toning Spray – Formulated to hydrate, calm, and refresh after you shave while reducing irritation from shaving. 4 fl. oz.

   Shave Cream – Enriched Foaming Cream provides a smooth & soothing shave leaving the skin feeling smooth and lush. 3.8 fl. oz. Fifty One Shades Scented

 4oz Artisan Soap, Sexy Men Scented

   4oz Artisan Soap, Fifty One Shades Scented


Use Code q12021


$169.00 + FREE S&H

(3 Beauty Kits – YOU SAVE 10%)

Customer Reviews

Kim from Central Florida:
“I suffer with sensitive skin and was spending a fortune on special face creams and lotions that still irritated my face and body. I can’t thank you enough for making a line of skin care products that actually work and are affordable. I did recently try the line with CBD and WOW, complete relief. Now I get both the Beauty Kit and Alleviate Kit every 90 days!”

Cary from Florida:
“It was a god send to learn about your Men’s Confidence kit from my girlfriend. To find a kit that addresses all of my needs for a refreshing, smooth shave and smell so good…we were both very pleased. Looking forward to my next shipment!”

Fay from Florida:
“The Hand-Crafted Soaps have become my new favorites. The scents are refreshing, and my skin is no longer dry. I love all of the products now. They will always be my go-to for myself and for gifts, especially with the new Kits – try the Beauty or the Alleviate so yummy!”

Rachel from Florida:
“As a person with sensitive skin and allergies to perfumes, sulfates, and dyes, it provides me great peace of mind to have a line of products that have never irritated my skin. Whether it is the handcrafted soaps with essential oils, face wash, day and night creams, lip balm, or lotions, Grass Root Essentials never fails to deliver. The soap leaves my skin feeling clean and smelling great without drying and the line reducing lotions hydrate my skin and actually work! I highly recommend the Grass Root line for any member of the family and for Holiday gift ideas, especially with the new Kits. A great value.”

About GRASS Root Essentials

Grass Root Essentials is here for you & your family with custom blended products in three convenient & cost-effective Luxurious Kits to promote wellbeing.

We use the best ingredients sourced in the United States, including CBD.

We are committed to setting the standard for CBD products for compliance and safety.

Many products, including our exclusive Artisan Soaps and Bath Bombs are hand made in Florida by a team of dedicated employees who are all Veterans.

We love what we do, we love our customers feedback, comments and passion for our products. That is our goal every day!


GRASS Root Essential Products, Inc.
8840 Grissom Pkwy, Suite A, Titusville, FL 32780

For more information or questions please email us at info@grassrootessentials.com

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


90 Day preferred membership

Get any or all of our All-Natural WELLNESS Kits with our 90 Day Preferred Membership Plan!

  •  Conveniently shipped every 90 days so you don’t run OUT!
  •  Free shipping FOREVER
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Q.        What is your COVID-19 protocol?
A.        We believe our role serving customers and the community during this time is a critical one. We care about our team members, customers and products, and we’re evaluating the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in real time.

We have made adjustments in our supply chain operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our efforts to ensure the safety of ALL. This has resulted in some delivery and processing delays beyond our normal timeframes. We may also have more items out of stock or with low inventory as a result. Upcoming new product launches may also be delayed.
We have been diligent in ensuring the safety of our team and are following all government guidelines. As a result, all of our locations have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitation processes, implementing structured shifts and schedules and increasing cleaning frequencies.

Q.        What is your customer service email and toll-free phone number?
A.        info@grassrootessentials.com and 833-423-1400.

Q.        Where do you source your raw materials to make your hand-crafted products?
We source 99% of our products from suppliers in the United Stated.  Only 1% is reliably and sustainably sourced in Canada.

Q.        Are the beauty and men’s products safe for sensitive skin?  
Yes they are.  We do not use harsh chemicals in our products.  If you have sensitive skin, be sure to apply your moisturizers daily within a few minutes of washing.

Q.        My hand-crafted soap is dissolving too fast.  Why?
Our soaps are made with a mixture of beneficial oil and sodium hydroxide. To help your soap last longer, be sure to store them out of standing and splashing water.  

Q.        What makes Grass Root Essential Products better?
A.        We’re proud to say that our quality and dedication to customer service are what sets us apart. Our non-GMO, Vegan, and Pet Friendly CBD products are made with CBD grown in Colorado, and we adhere to the highest testing standards in the market. We continually test every batch of our CBD products using independent third-party labs to ensure quality and CBD strength. We also seek to provide exceptional customer service to answer any questions you might have.

Q.        How long does it take to get my order?
A.        All orders normally ship within 2-4 days, and in your hands within 4-5 days, however, please plan for longer shipping delays during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will send you tracking information once your order has shipped and you can always contact us with questions. Our central focus is customer service.

Q.        Where can I get more information about my order?
A.        Use the provided tracking number to track your number on the USPS, UPS or FedEx websites using the tracking number on your email order confirmation.

To find out information on your order, please add us to your email contacts so your tracking information via email doesn’t go to your junk box, or please contact us by email at orders@grassrootessentials.com or calling us at 833-423-1400 with your order number.

The tracking number can be found on your order confirmation email in your order history if you created an account during checkout.
If you are currently logged in, you can easily find your order history. If the USPS, UPS or FedEx says the package was delivered but you have not yet received it, please contact for further assistance.
Please be aware there can sometimes be a delay in actual delivery time with any company. Please plan for longer shipping delays during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q.        How do I return my order?
A.        We stand behind our 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please email orders@grassrootessential.com with your order number. We will then process your refund within the next business day. After 30 days we can’t process a return request if the products have been opened and used.

Q.        How are refunds processed?
A.        Once your request for a refund/return email is received within the 30-day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee, we will send you an email within the next business day to notify you that we have received your request. We will also notify you once your refund has been issued so you can verify the funds were received. Please be aware that refunds may take up to 7 to 10 business days.

Q.        How do I cancel my order?
A.        If you wish to cancel your order within 1 business day, please give us a call at 833-423-1400 or email orders@grassrootessential.com as soon as possible. However, if your order is already in transit, you must send the product back to receive a refund. Please refer to our operating hours.

Q.        What do I do if my shipment is damaged?
Please keep in mind that all damages or defective products must be brought to our attention within 7 days of receiving the product.
Please email orders@grassrootessential.com with your order number and pictures of the damaged product.
A representative will respond within 24hr Monday-Thursday, all emails sent Friday-Sunday will be replied to on Monday.

Q.        How does the 90 Day Preferred Membership Plan work?
A.        Orders will always ship every 90 days with Standard Shipping method (3-10 business days) so you never run out!
If you need to change the time your order is scheduled to ship, based on your current schedule every 90 days, we will be happy to move your shipment date by calling us at 833-423-1400 or emailing us at info@grassrootessentials.com.
You have up until 2 business days before your scheduled Preferred Membership shipment to make changes to your order.  

Q.        How do I change my shipping address for my Preferred Membership Plan?

A.        To change the address for Preferred Membership products, we will require 2 days’ notice prior to your scheduled shipment by logging into your account and set your new delivery address, calling us at 833-423-1400 or emailing us at info@grassrootessentials.com.

Q.        What happens if my current credit card has expired or has insufficient funds?
A.        Your order will be unsuccessful if you do not have funds available or if there is a problem with your default payment card, which is only kept on file with our accredited merchant processor.
We only authorize your card if the order placement is successful, then collect funds once the order has shipped. In the event we are unable to process your order, you will receive an email confirmation notifying you of the error.

Q.        Where do you ship your products?

A.        We ship to all fifty United States. We also ship wholesale and private label orders internationally with special provisions.  Please email us at wholesale@grassrootessentials.com to discuss international requirements.

Q.        How much will I be charged for shipping?
A.        Shipping is calculated in the cart for those that order a one-time purchase, but please be aware of the current situation with the COVID- 19 delays with shipping so choose what is right for you.
If you choose one of our 90-day preferred membership plans you will receive FREE shipping always until you cancel your order.

Q.        What are your hours of operation?
Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Friday: 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Q.        Do you offer a military and veterans discount?
A.        We offer a 10% discount for all active military and veterans. Please send a copy of your ID or paperwork confirming your status to support@grassrootessential.com. We will apply the discount to your account; so all your future orders will reflect your discount.
Please note we cannot mail to an APO address or an active military base. Provide an alternative address.

Q.        Do you offer wholesale?
A.        Yes, all our products and some not listed are available for wholesale accounts. Please contact us at wholesale@grassrootessentials.com to request more information and to receive your personal wholesale account access.

Q.        What is CBD?
A.        CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an extract from the hemp plant, a commonly used term for strains of the cannabis sativa plant with very low levels of THC. Today, hemp is used in a wide range of products in the United States and globally.

Q.        Is CBD Legal?
A.        CBD is completely legal in all 50 states, although come cities or municipalities still forbid it. So please check with your local authorities prior to placing an order. The FDA considers hemp and hemp-derived extracts to be food-based products. As such, there are no legal restrictions on their importation, production, sale or consumption in the United States, as well as most of the industrialized world. Hemp products are legal in over 40 countries around the globe. Hemp is consumed by millions of people around the planet, and this number is rapidly rising as an increasing number of studies explore hemp’s numerous health benefits.
While we are not lawyers and are therefore not authorized to provide professional legal advice, we can tell you that all of the CBD products we offer are made with industrial hemp that is third party tested for purity and NOT marijuana plants. Industrial hemp is defined as containing less than .3% THC, as stated in the 2018 farm bill.

Q.        Is this medical marijuana?
A.        No, while both marijuana and medical marijuana have the cannabinoid CBD in them, the concentration/strength of CBD may be much lower, with higher THC levels. Increased THC levels cause psychoactive effects that are not present in our CBD products. Our CBD products are made from industrial hemp, which is defined as containing less than .3% THC, as stated in the 2014 farm bill signed by President Obama. The low levels of THC in CBD products allow the user to experience the potential health benefits, without the mental impact.

Q.        What is THC?
A.        THC is the compound in marijuana that has psycho active properties. Higher contents of THC cause the “high” that people associate with marijuana. While using CBD, you can maintain a clear mind and active lifestyle.

Q.        Will I get high or feel high?
A.        Our CBD products are made from industrial hemp which is defined as containing less than .3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as stated in the 2018 farm bill. As mentioned above, higher contents of THC cause the “high” that is often associated with marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive, and users usually claim to feel calmer and more relaxed. While using CBD, you can maintain a clear mind and active lifestyle.

Q.        What can CBD Do for me?
A.        Federal regulation does not allow us to make any claims. But we encourage you to research why so many people are now using CBD along with the many benefits. Just look at our testimonials and reviews.

Although not designated by the FDA as a health product, numerous studies have shown CBD’s various health benefits. There is also a wealth of research available online. However, we do not make any specific health claims about our products. As with any supplement, please consult your physician before use.

A simple internet search on the benefits of CBD should be able to provide you with a ton of educational information on the beneficial results of CBD of humans and your pets.

Q.        How much CBD oil should I take?
A.        Legally we can’t provide dosage recommendations and we always recommend checking with your doctor. However, we do suggest that you start with a low dosage and work up to a higher dosage over time.  Please do keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different, so individual results will vary. The first thing to remember is CBD is not THC. It does not provide any psychoactive effects. The relaxing effect of CBD depends on many factors, including the amount consumed, the rate at which it is consumed, your body mass, and your metabolism. Feel free to try our other products in search of your desired effect.

Q.        How do you extract CBD?
A.        All our CBD is extracted with CO2.

Q.        Will I fail a drug test after using CBD products?
A.        It is highly unlikely that a CBD product user will fail a drug test, though we cannot make any specific claims. There is less than .3% THC in our Full Spectrum CBD products and 0% in our CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum products, which is in accordance with the 2014 farm bill. Starting in 2018, CBD is an allowed substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency, so Olympians will be able to use it. However, we advise our customers to use their own judgement if they are routinely drug tested.

Some drug tests can’t differentiate among cannabinoids. CBD is from plants (hemp) in the cannabis family. Therefore, we cannot guarantee CBD will not show up. If you expect to take a drug test, we recommend not taking any CBD products.  You can also get a copy of our testing report for all CBD edibles showing the CBD and THC concentration in our products.  If you do have to take a drug test, you may want to consider keeping the product test results with you to show the testing agency.

Q.        Who uses CBD?
A.        CBD products are used by a wide variety of people and pets, ranging from athletes to grandparents, business professionals to soccer moms, children to centurions and everyone in between.

Q.        Do I need to store my CBD product in any special way?
A.        We recommend keeping CBD products at room temperature and avoiding extreme heat, humidity or cold. Refrigeration is not required if the product is used within 60 days.  Only the tinctures will need to be refrigerated once opened if you do not plan to use them within 60 days.

Q.        Can I use CBD on my pets?
A.        CBD can be used by any mammal.  All mammals, from mice to elephants can use CBD.  The American Kennel Club has a great section on the benefits of CBD for animals.  Federal regulation does not allow us to make any claims. But we encourage you to research why so many people are sharing CBD with their pets. 

Although not designated by the FDA as a health product, numerous studies have shown CBD’s various health benefits. There is also a wealth of research available online. However, we do not make any specific health claims about our products. As with any supplement, please consult your Veterinarian before use.


User Agreement:
You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before ordering any products from the Website. By placing your order you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

Product Disclaimer:
I understand the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
I understand I should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. I also understand that the products listed on this website are not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition.

Consult a physician before using any of our Products if you have any medical condition including, but not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, other psychiatric conditions, a family history of these or other medical conditions, or if taking any prescription, OTC and/or other medications. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a qualified healthcare professional before using our products.

Terms and Conditions:
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We stand behind the products we manufacture and guarantee that they are brand new, authentic, and in original packaging.

Return and Refund Policy:
We stand behind our 30-day money back guarantee. For details, please reference our FAQ. To receive a refund or to return products, please contact our customer support team at info@grassrootessentials.com and 833-423-1400. For all products over 30 days, sales are considered final.

Exchange Policy:
If any products arrive damaged or broken, or part of your order is missing, you must notify the Company within 2 days of delivery.

Purchases Disclaimer:
Given the uncertainty and rapid pace of change of relevant laws, Grass Rooot Essentials makes no representation as to the legality of CBD under laws applicable to you. Purchases are at your own risk.

Shipping Policy:

  • Shipping Options- Grass Root Essentials has partnerships with multiple carriers including FedEx, UPS and USPS Priority to best serve our customers. Depending on the location of the shipment, Grass Root Essentials will select the best and fastest possible shipping service for your location. (PO BOX delivery addresses will ship with USPS Priority). Please note: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to ship overnight has become severely limited. When possible, we will return to our normal shipping practices which will allow customers the option to upgrade delivery service to Overnight for a fee. In those instances, Grass Root Essentials will ship out with either FedEx or UPS.
  • Packaging- corrugated boxes, bubble mailers, die-cut mailer, pack mailers, bubble wrap, feeder paper. During summer months and when orders contain heat sensitive items, the delivery package may contain foil insulations and a gel ice pack.
  • Processing timeframe: 2-3 business days from time payment is processed.

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to your purchase or these terms and conditions, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

Returns must be made in accordance with Grass Root Essentials return policy available in our FAQ at Grassrootessentials.com. Upon the return of an item, the spend amount applied to Program Level status for the original purchase will be deducted from your account.

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The arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s claims and may not otherwise preside over any form of a class or representative proceeding or claims (such as a class action, consolidated action or private attorney general action) unless all relevant parties specifically agree to do so following initiation of the arbitration. If this Class Action Waiver clause is found to be illegal or unenforceable, this entire Provision will be unenforceable, and the dispute will be decided by a court.

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Changes to the Preferred Membership 90 Day Plan
Grass Roots Essentials has the right to change the rules of the Preferred Membership Plan at any time and for any reason or no reason. Changes may include limits on order size or frequency, the addition or removal of benefits such as free shipping, eligibility in other Grass Root Essential programs such as other rewards programs, and other rules.

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  • We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.
If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone at 833-423-1400 or via email sales@grassrootessentials.com.